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Armor Lodge Lodge No. 5330

Amor Cleaned Badge.jpg

Secretary    WBro Greg Brown


Telephone Number 07932 404630



Meeting Dates

1st Saturday in April

1st Saturday in February

2nd Saturday in October

2nd Saturday in December


Following an Oddfellows meeting in Hammersmith Road, W6 June 1931, in the Rose and Crown opposite, it was thought to be a good idea to start a Lodge for Oddfellows. However, Head Office would not agree to the submission of “just for Oddfellows”. The second submission did not mention Oddfellows, the Amor Lodge being Consecrated on 12 March 1932. Of the list of 34 founding Past Masters, 23 were Oddfellows. The Lodge name emanates from the Oddfellows badge “AMCITIA, AMOR ET VERITAS” Friendship, Love and Truth from which Love was chosen, for what better than Love of the Craft. Taylors Working was used for the first couple of years until W Bro Sadlier completed his work on the Veritas Working which is used to the current day.

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