Building Work Estimates

Southgate Masonic Centre Building Condition Assessment


It is the view of the Board of Directors that the Centre needs sprucing up.  

The estimated costings shown below are based on general day rates and we would expect to carry out the work cheaper if a number of jobs are carried out together.

In order to get better estimates we would need a member of a lodge who was a decorator to look over the building.

The prices shown are for guidance only.

If any lodge would like to donate some money for the work we would obtain a proper estimate first.  Please contact us at the email address below.

If any member has expertise and can help with these works please speak to Frank Godson

Please contact Frank Godson on


Front, Back & sides of the building


Remove most of the yellow lines to the grounds

Remark all of the parking bays with heater tar strips

Assess any damage to the tarmac - tree roots.

Supply smarter parking stands  4No

Attend to all outside lighting

Clean windows & frames

Wash down stone work to the portico

Some remedial work to the front door

Paint Portico ceiling

Smarten up the Registered Office sign

General weeding to the car park area

All drains to be cleared of leaves

Paint all of the down pipes and general pipework to the exterior

Paint the railings above the portico

Replace the light fitting over the Caretaker's door

Revarnish the Bar entrance door

Paint the walls in the Bar Entrance door lobby

Clean this lobby area.

Paint the handrail outside the bar entrance door

Repaint the yellow stipes to the stairs in this area

Clean the wall to the rear of the bar area

Paint the Bar entrance back door

Re varnish outside door to the Wastell

Varnish Electrical cupboard door - Caretaker entrance

Replace all of the parking clip boards -Done


Good estimate   £7500.00


Remedial work above the front door

Paint ceiling

See to 2 no. light boxes ( Lodge logos)

Paint toilet area walls

Paint male toilet ceiling

Re paper walls to foyer

Remove the white heating units

Remove the stair lift

Clean lights

Clean the carpet or replace the carpet             

Some small section re varnish to stairway

Good Estimate  £2000/£3000

Wastell Temple Robing Area

Re paper the robing area

Paint radiators

Fix the damp damage

Replace 2  no. wall lights

Paint the ceiling

Clean  floor tiles

Replace floor tiles


Good Estimate  £2000

Wastell Area Side Room

Deal with all of the stuff

Install new shelving

Good Estimate  £250.00   This job is in hand

Wastell Temple

Paint white ceiling parts

Repair any damage

Re paper top section of walls

Get rid of spare organ                  

Re varnish some woodwork & Benches

Clean all windows and frames

Tidy up the curtains - maybe dry clean

Try to clean the ceiling

Deal with the lighting diffusers  12 no.

Paint the area near to the WM chair

Maybe cost new floor tiles.  Not pavement

Good estimate  £3750

Bell Suite

Paint walls and skirting

Clean the glass shelves in the bookcase

Replace  ceiling tiles No. 204

Paint work top and units

Paint piano

Maybe new light diffusers  15

Good Estimate  £2750


Paint walls

Paint work unit

Paint piano

Replace ceiling tiles No. 180

Paint short ceiling section

New light panels

Good Estimate    £ 1900

Caretaker Entrance

Paint walls

Paint Radiator

Paint ceiling

Clean windows and frames

Paint the door to the switch room

Paint long corridor

Paint radiators

New lights and bulbs 12 No.

Good estimate  £ 2500

Bar Area by Outside Door

Paint walls and ceiling

Varnish the exterior door

Floor to be replace - To be done soon

Good estimate  £500

Kitchen area Lobby to Tutton

Paint the walls

Tidy up some of the woodwork

Paint the walls in the desk area

Fit a light to te desk area

Tidy up all of the desk units

Paint the exterior to the kitchen


Good Estimate   £1000

Beardmore Area


LOI Room & Library Area

Coat of paint to the corridor

Paint the toilet

New carpet to corridor  (This is in hand)

Paint stairway to this area

Paint Library

Fix and clean the diffusers

Paint LOI 3 room


Good Estimate   £1300

Robinson Suite

Paint walls

Paint ceiling

Paint doors

Remedial work to walls

Remove all rubbish and floor tiles

Good Estimate  £1000

Jenkins Suite LOI room

Paint walls

Paint ceiling

Paint skirting


Good Estimate  £500




Stanley Clark Robing Room

Paint walls

Paint ceiling

Paint window frames

Remedial plaster work

Fit 3 new light fittings

Good Estimate  £1000

Stanley Clark Temple

Paint walls

Clean curtains

Paint skirting


 Good Estimate  £450

Stanley Clark Top of Stairs

Paint lobby

Paint toilet

Good Estimate    £350


Lobby to Lever Room

Paint walls

Ladies toilet is ok

Paint ceiling


Good Estimate   £350

Lever Temple Robing Room

Paint walls

Paint ceiling


Good Estimate  £350

Lever Temple

Paint walls

Replace curtain

Get rid of Organ


Good Estimate  £600

Lever Temple Rear Door Corridor

Paint walls

Sort out the cupboard

Paint top of stairway


Good estimate  £400

Ladies Toilet to Lever

Paint walls

Sort out

Good Estimate   250

Lobby down to Bar

Paint walls

Varnish door


Good estimate  £400

Bar Area

Replace the carpet with new.  To get rid of moths In hand

New Cooler  (already purchased)

Paint and materials    £1500/£2000



Replace all of the light bulbs for low energy - Not costed

Look at woodworm issues – Not costed