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New Garden Lodge No. 7804


Secretary    WBro John Miller

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Meeting Dates

3rd Thursday in January

2nd Thursday in March

4th Thursday in May

1st Thursday in October


The New Garden Lodge No:7804

The New Garden Lodge is a London Lodge and was formed in January 1962 at a meeting at Oxford Street Corner House. Several of the Founding Members came from its "Mother" Lodge, the Covent Garden Lodge, which in itself was a "Daughter" Lodge of the Egyptian Lodge, which was first formed in 1839. The reason being was that it was taking so long for a brother to progress through to become the Master of the lodge, that they broke away and formed another. Predominately, the Covent Garden Lodge members were in the fruit trade, and hence the name for the "daughter" lodge. In 2013, the Lodge celebrated its 50th Anniversary. Nowadays, the members of the lodge represent many religions, trades and industries, and it is likely that any new member joining will bring a new trade, which will continue to make an interesting mix!

Our Lodge Logo depicts, from Biblical accounts, the two columns or pillars that were placed in the Porch of King Solomon's Temple at Jerusalem, which were surmounted by three kinds of ornament, namely, network, lilywork, and pomegranates. The origin of these pillars stems from over 500 years of development. The two Cornucopia or Horn of Plenty either side of the porchway is a symbol of abundance, and as such has been adopted as the jewel of the Stewards of a Lodge, to remind them that it is their duty to see that the tables are properly furnished at refreshment, and that every Brother is suitably served.

The Lodge meets four times a year at a masonic temple in Southgate, North London and is located not far from the local tube station. There is parking on site with a council car park and off street parking nearby. Whilst members of the lodge live mainly in the North & East London areas, we do not have direct links with the nearby community. However, our charitable aims are to support local London charities as well as Masonic, National & International causes.

The Annual Subscription for membership of the Lodge is £300.00 a year, which includes your dining and wine costs at our Festive Board dinners which follow every meeting. There is an Initiation fee of £150.00, in addition, which includes your registration as a lodge member with the Metropolitan Grand Lodge, whose jurisdiction we operate under. We also welcome Joining Members, who would also belong to another lodge, and their fee to join is £70.00. We meet during the year, usually at 4.00pm, in January, for the Installation of our New Master, in March, May and October. The meetings and dining, called, the Festive Board, usually finish at approximately 10.00pm. You are able to invite only "masonic" guests and their dining costs are £20.00, and you can invite as many as you can reasonably afford. The dress for the meetings are a dark morning dress, Black, Craft  or Metropolitan Grand Lodge Tie and White Gloves.

There is often a fear to mention that you are a Freemason.  Freemasonry is not a Secret Society. However working in Local and Central Government, as well as other industries, was often frowned on such participation, but even the judiciary and police force have many members in lodges.

If you feel that you would like more information, look at the United Grand Lodge of England & Metropolitan Grand Lodge websites where there is lots of answers to questions you may have about joining freemasonry.


In addition, you can contact this lodge's Secretary by electronic mail on, where your enquiry will be dealt with in confidence. Likewise, you can write to him at The New Garden Lodge Secretary, Southgate Masonic Centre, 88, High Street, Southgate, London, N14 6EB.


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