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Partheon Lodge No. 7310













Secretary    WBro Robert Makepeace

Email Address

Mobile Number    07852 222210

Home Number   01279 817021



Treasurer  Gitan Parmar

Mobile:  07956 056688


Meeting Dates

1st Tuesday in April Installation

!st Tuesday in June

4th Tuesday in September

1st Tuesday in December



The Parthenon was built over two thousand years ago by operative masons in honour of their Goddess of Wisdom-Athene Parthenos who was the daughter of Zeus. This temple was part of a collection of buildings which formed an academy called the Acropolis devised by Plato for the daily advancement of knowledge in the Liberal Arts and Sciences, (which is why we share her name with our provincial research lodge-Temple of Athene No.9541).  ‘The greatest concern of all men is the development of a distinctive personal character for reasoning between right and wrong’ (Plato c.429-347 B.C)

The Parthenon is considered one of the best examples of the Doric order of architecture; its name is derived from an ancient Greek tribe renowned for their strength, the column symbolising the same within our ritual. The design and workmanship in the construction of the temple required exceptional skill which is why it was considered an appropriate name for a lodge whose founding members were from various aspects of the building and estate management trades. This wasn’t the only nomination; others options included ‘Plato’, ‘Wrotham Park’ and ‘New Coronation’, the latter to commemorate Elizabeth II accession to the throne.


The Founder’s Jewel comprises of an enamelled picture of an oblique view of the Parthenon surrounded with a Laurel wreath- an emblem of distinction, with the motto ’Amino Et Fide’ underneath meaning ‘By Courage and Faith’, the jewel is suspended from a light blue ribbon representing universal benevolence.

Parthenon is the third daughter lodge of the Earl Strafford Lodge No.3500, named after the nobleman and Past Grand Chaplain who resided locally at Wrotham Park which is known for the infamous battle of Barnet in 1471 during the War of the Roses; however, the lodge can trace its roots back to St. Mary’s No.63, a London lodge consecrated in 1757.

The first preliminary meeting for the proposed new lodge was held at Salisbury Hotel, Barnet at 6pm 27th April 1953, during this it was agreed that the annual subscriptions would be 3 guineas, the ritual working would be Taylor’s and each founder would donate a jewel for their respective office.

The ceremony of consecration was performed by RW Bro Phillip Bull D.S.O, T.D, Provincial Grand Master at Freemasons Hall on Wednesday 30th December 1953 followed by a festive board at the Connaught Rooms comprising of a six course banquet at a cost of £2.00 per head which included wine! Parthenon was the 150th Lodge to be consecrated in the Province of Middlesex.

The first Regular Lodge Meeting was held on Tuesday 6th April 1954 at the Salisbury Hotel, Barnet- the Worshipful Master being W.Bro Edward Hayter (Snr), it was during this meeting the lodge had its first initiate - Ron Chesterman, Ron is still very much involved and with us.  The Lodge of Instruction initially met at the George P.H, Barnet before moving to the Stanley Club in Palmers Green.

It was by no accident that one of our founders –Alfred Slinn was asked to form a working party made up from other members to research and survey a suitable site for a new ‘North Middlesex Masonic Centre’.  A church in High Street, Southgate had recently closed and was assessed for conversion and was to become the Southgate Centre we are sat in today as a result Parthenon is on the Roll of Honour as a founding lodge. Despite being small in number the members of Parthenon lodge have strived over the years to represent the lodge in various charity matters, it is best known for founding with other Southgate Lodges the annual cricket match and garden fete which went to support the Princess Alexandra Nursing Home at Stanmore, this event has grown to become the Provincial Family Fete which in more recent years has been held at the Royal Masonic School for Girls in Rickmansworth. Other achievements include Vice Patronage for Middlesex 98’ Grand charity and Vice Patronage for the Middlesex RMBI 2009 appeal, and Grand Patron RMGTB 2020.

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