St Pauls Lodge No. 7200

Secretary    WBro David Salmon

Email Address

Mobile Number    01707 661766

Meeting Dates

1st Tuesday in February

1st Tuesday in March

1st Tuesday in November



Consecrated on 1st Sept. 1790 at the “Duke William on Horseback” in Quaker Street, Spitalfields as Lodge No. 261 (without a name). In consequence of the “Union of Fraternities of Masons” in 1813, it became known as Ephraim Lodge No. 329.  At a Meeting on 26th February 1821, the name was changed to St. Paul’s Lodge No. 329.  In 1833 as a consequence of a number of erasures, Grand Lodge changed the number to 229 and then subsequently to the current Lodge No. 194.


Lodge meetings have taken place at several venues around London and has remained at the “Southgate Masonic Centre” since 3rd February, 1976.


A small but very friendly Lodge, retaining several traditions at its Meetings & Festive Board..